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Supernatural Movie: Bedazzled (1967)


Bedazzled, a 1967 film starring Dudley Moore. Yes, that’s Raquel Welch as Lust.

Okay, this movie was made before I was born, but still, it’s worth viewing.  Bedazzled (1967) is written by Peter Cook who also stars as the devil.  He makes a British devil character so funny and so appealing. I’m using the very same conceit in my novel.  Dudley Moore stars as a poor sap, Stanley Moon, who works at Wimpy’s (a greasy spoon in London) and is hopelessly in love with a waitress played by Eleanor Bron. Moon makes a deal with the devil that goes horribly wrong in so many hilarious ways that I don’t even want to tell you about them.  I’ll only say that some of my favorite scenes involve a music video, ice lollies (posicles), and a nun on a trampoline.  You’re going to thank me for this theologically sound, comically funny recommendation.


Supernatural Short Story: The Devil’s Snare

The Devil's Snare

“The Devil’s Snare” short story by Steven Torres

Can an old lady get one over on Satan?  You’re going to have to read this smartly written, theologically sound, and amusing short story to find out.  It starts out very dark but it lightens up rather quickly and ends on a high note.  Check out “The Devil’s Snare” by Steven Torres on Amazon.