My Book

I am writing a humorous, supernatural suspense novel that can act as the young adult/new adult Christian answer to the Harry Potter series. I wrote it to teach Christians how to resist Satan and how to live free of the devil’s bondage and lies. The 18-year-old hero of the book has an accident at church one day and can suddenly see the entire realm of the spirit world, including his guardian angel. He has to come to grips with his newfound vision and learn more about the spiritual world before Satan shows up to tempt him with cupcakes, drugs, and women.

How is a normal guy supposed to deal with Satan? If he can’t resist the devil’s attacks, our hero will end up ruining his life or even ending it. The boy doesn’t have much going for him: no looks, no charm, no athletic ability or grace, no real knowledge of the Bible. But he does have an honest heart, a love of God, and some faith-filled friends who can pull him through the greatest challenge of his life.

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