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A Christian Astrobiologist

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Bilogos conducted a fascinating and uplifting interview with astrobiologist Stephen Freeland.  It’s definitely worth reading.  He speaks about how his faith is bolstered by his scientific discoveries.  Here’s an excerpt:

What’s the most fascinating thing about God’s creation that you’ve learned throughout your scientific studies?

What a good question! I could talk easily about my joy at discovering odd species and interesting behaviors, about the harmonies and patterns that link nature or, more philosophically, about the wonder of a universe that is, to a significant extent, understandable. But honestly, when I really think through this question, the answer is that I think I have learned through science how human understanding is finite. I have learned some spiritual humility (and I am sure more is needed). During my teenage years, I gravitated to what some might call “fundamentalism” – a version of Christianity that was confident about what every part of the Bible meant. I think science taught me humility about what we don’t know and what we cannot know — and how much of what seems certain today is turned on its head by something we discover tomorrow.


Do Christians Want To Live Forever?

Aubrey De Grey of the SENS Research Foundation photographed by Peter Searle for Newsweek

Aubrey De Grey of the SENS Research Foundation photographed by Peter Searle for Newsweek

I see articles every few months about scientists pursuing the holy grail of immortality.  Here’s a recent one by Newsweek about a researcher named Aubrey De Grey who hopes to cure aging so that we can live forever.  A fellow anti-aging researcher in the story had a different take than De Grey on immortality.  Walter Bortz, who teaches medicine at Stanford, had this opinion about people over 110 years old: “We know there are about 80 supercentenarians out there. And my take-home from seeing photos of them recently was this: you don’t want to be a supercentenarian.”

My question is: Do Christians want to live forever?  I don’t know about y’all but I’m looking forward to going home to Jesus one day.  I think 100 years on this earth is plenty.  I would, however, like those 80 or 90 or 100 years of mine to be healthy and productive.  So I guess I’m all for doing research on living well, but I can’t get behind the desire to live forever.  Am I alone in this?  What do you think?

Kid Who Went to Heaven

Colton Burpo, small boy who went to heaven as a child

Colton Burpo, small boy who went to heaven as a child

Colton Burpo almost died when he was four years old from a burst appendix. His parents admit they should have gotten a second opinion on the kid’s condition and sought treatment for him more quickly when he didn’t recover from his “flu.” Instead of dying, Colton got to spend a little time with Jesus in Heaven. That’s a sweet deal. His dad wrote a best-selling book about Colton’s encounter called Heaven is For Real. I didn’t find anything in Colton’s account that contradicts the Bible whatsoever.