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Jesus Kitsch: Jesus Bank

It’s time for more kitschy Christian fun.  My friend bought me this hilarious coin bank which says, “Jesus Saves.”  It’s so inspiring.  If the Lord can save His pennies, then so can I. 

Jesus Saves His Pennies

Jesus Saves His Pennies


Jesus Ashtray

Let me first say that I don’t smoke.  That didn’t stop me from buying this completely awesome ashtray.

Jesus ashtray

Jesus Hates It When You Smoke

Jesus is looking miserable in His crown of thorns and the words “Jesus Hates It When You Smoke” are printed around His precious head.  How can anyone pick up a cigarette when faced with this?

I do admit that I have a soft spot for what I call Christian kitsch.  I find it endlessly amusing so I’ll be talking about more nuggets of gold like this as I come across it.