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Angel Pet: Maggie

Thanks to Katie and Chris for sending in a photo of their darling Maggie.

Maggie with a Reubens angel

Maggie with a Reubens angel

Angels and animals make the best combinations, don’t you think?  Send in your pet photos to


A Hummingbird Called Patience

This is a hummingbird with a broken wing that floundered into my life quite by accident.  I named the wild hummy Patience.

Patience with angel

I gave him/her that name because the little birdy wanted to fly so badly, but it needed time to mend.  It needed time to heal.  And it needed patience to allow the healing to happen.  Watching the hummy made me keenly aware of my own unwillingness to wait for God’s hand in my life.  I want to flap my wings constantly, I want to just keep moving regardless of whether or not I know where I’m going.  But that isn’t always healthy for me.  Just like I knew the hummy needed to calm down in order to get to a better place, God knows what is best for me; His angels are watching out for me.  And it would be easier on both of us if I would just have some patience and let His will work in my life.

I fed Patience, kept him safe, and found a veterinarian that would give him medical care and rehab him.  I would have probably kept him if it weren’t illegal in California to do so.  There’s something about caring for another being that really produces a bond.  I can’t even imagine how much God is bonded to us.  We all need so much care and love.

Angel Pets: Bella

I’ve decided to start a new series.  I’m calling it Angel Pets.  A friend of mine named Brian gave me the idea, so I must credit him for this genius bit of kitsch with heart.  I’m going to PhotoShop people’s pets into pictures with angels.  Here’s how a cute little dog named Bella looks in her Angel Pet portrait.

Angel Pet: Bella

Angel Pet: Bella

Adorable, right?  If you have a pet that you’d like me to create an Angel Pet Portrait around, send me a picture of your darling (with its name) to  Then check my blog every Friday to see the results.