Jesus Kitsch: Manga Messiah Comic Book

Manga Messiah comic book

Manga Messiah comic book

I’ve heard of anime: Japanese-drawn cartoon television shows like “Speed Racer.”  But until recently, I hadn’t heard of manga: Japanese-drawn comic books.  Anime and manga can both be written or spoken in English but the aesthetic of the characters is definitely Asian with sharp cheekbones and tiny chins. Well, now there’s Christian manga!  Halleleujah for that!  You can get the snazzy number above on Amazon.  

Christian comics aren’t completely new.  After all, Archie’s creators struck a licensing deal with a Christian comic book company back in the 70’s and churned out 19 titles.  You can read more that about that here.  My poor memory somehow retains the images of Archie and Betty spouting scripture.  For years I figured my brain was playing tricks on me.  But no, it was real.  Here’s the issue that somehow made its way into my home and my hippocampus, lo those many years ago:

Archie's Love Scene Christian comic

Archie’s Love Scene Christian comic


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